ophanimkin for anon with an accent on eyes and wings!

sorry for not posting outfits as frequently as i used to! school and other things are making it harder than normal but ill try! :>

requests are closed!

Daneyrs Tararyen kin please c:

unfortunatly i used everything avalible in a previous kin outfit, look in my fictionkin tag!

mage kin? androgynous pls u__u

um could you specify? whta type of mage? and what would a mage wear? :o

requests are open!!

jackalope kin for paranoid-jackalope

rabbitkin with birch trees for anon!

forestkin for anon!

Okay original Freddy Fazbear fictionkin anon here. Any other fnaf fictionkin coming in and being pissy need to nut up and shut up because they come from a fucking horror game and some people can't handle that. The admin is kind and caring and has enough self respect to take care of them self. Our game is new enough that we could easily be trolls and it will take a while for that to go away. And blogs have full right to turn away something that looks like a troll request. Don't feed the trolls.


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