Okay original Freddy Fazbear fictionkin anon here. Any other fnaf fictionkin coming in and being pissy need to nut up and shut up because they come from a fucking horror game and some people can't handle that. The admin is kind and caring and has enough self respect to take care of them self. Our game is new enough that we could easily be trolls and it will take a while for that to go away. And blogs have full right to turn away something that looks like a troll request. Don't feed the trolls.


don't feel bad for giving trolls what they deserve or looking out for yourself ok b. there are a lot of kin fashion blogs that the fnaf kin can go to as well, and your comfort is more important

oh, thank you. i really want this blog to be as safe and inclusive as possible but it feels like im not doing that x.x but thanks, it means alot.

I feel really bad bc I'm tampon kin and also plant kin :( could u be a bit less harsh bc some people might be that kin type

sorry! just the tamponkin requests so obviously came from a blog wanting to provoke me and they also sent otherkin hate, so…. yeah :/ anything that has frequently been used by trollblogs and otherkin haters the provoke the otherkin community is met with skepticism from me……

It's really bad that fnaf requests --- sorry that my kin type is being neglected oh well

im sorry. please dont feel bad about your kintype… i have nonproblem with any fnaf fictionkin, but the game honestly scared me so bad i couldnt leave my room and couldnt sleep at night and gave me multiple anxiety attacks, so thinking about it and doing anything relating to it will seriously freak me out. i dont want to discriminate or ignore any kintype, just…… my mental health and own physical well being come before this blog. and. im sorry, i dont want anybody to feel excluded or left out…. sorry

cheap and casual dragonkin for anon! once again, sorry about the band tshirt!

draco malfoy fictionkin for anon

pixiekin for anon

angelkin for anon!

loose fitting naturekin for anon!

sorry i havent been posting lately! schoolwork caught up to me x.x

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